Fantasy Football Sleeper Creeper to Draft: Albert Wilson

Albert Wilson

After being buried on Kansas City’s depth chart for most of his career, 26-year-old Albert Wilson moves on to greener pastures (well, to a pasture with more targets, anyway) after signing with the Miami Dolphins. Wilson is currently not being drafted in most 12-team leagues and has the potential for a breakout season. Throughout his career with the Dolphins, Jarvis Landry averaged 142 targets/season.

After five years of the slot man hogging all the targets do you really think the target distribution will change because his name isn’t Jarvis Landry? Well, it won’t.  And not to take away from Landry, it’s just the way the offense will operate under quarterback Ryan Tannehill and head coach Adam Gase. So it’s going to be, the also recently acquired, Danny Amendola, who is 32 years old, or Albert Wilson who inherits those newly vacated targets. I for one am “planting my flag” on Wilson (or as we say on the Fourth and Twenty Fantasy Football Podcast, inviting him into our session). Yes, Gase has gone on record saying that Wilson isn’t a slot guy, but I feel that Wilson’s talent will win out, especially with fellow wideout DeVante Parker nursing a broken finger. Gase and Tannehill will find a way to get Wilson the ball.

While Amendola is no slouch, there is a very high likelihood that he doesn’t play a full season with his injury history (and age), while Wilson has been lucky to escape relatively unscathed in the injury department for his career. While spelunking, it’s quite obvious that Wilson is the better overall athlete. His workout metrics are better than Amendola’s–he’s faster, has better burst, and a better catch radius.  On top of that he has better numbers in yards after catch, contested catch, and target separation. He’s younger, a good blocker, has less mileage, is being paid more, is more dynamic, and has already garnered praise from the coaching staff.  I also feel that the Amendola signing was one of those locker room presence/veteran presence/work ethic/teaching additions.  Amendola will certainly have his share of targets but I think Wilson comes out on top in training camp.

If Albert Wilson can take the next step in his development he should be in for a very good season. Three Wilson stats to keep in mind:

1. When Wilson finally got to be the main target, in week 17 on the road against the Denver Broncos, he brought in 10 catches on 11 targets, for 141 yards from rookie QB Patrick Mahomes making his first NFL start.

2. According to Pro Football Focus, Wilson, on just 63 targets, tied with Cooper Cupp for third in most forced missed tackles by a wide receiver last year, trailing just Golden Tate and Jarvis Landry. Tate had 122 Targets, Landry 160, and Cupp received 95.

3. Demonstrating that he’s consistently breaking tackles, Wilson actually leads the NFL in most forced missed tackles per reception from 2014 thru 2017, again, according to Pro Football Focus.

Wilson could easily break the top 25 in PPR for WRs, possibly the top 15.  And he’s currently going undrafted so it’s not like you’d be taking a big risk picking him up in the final rounds of your draft. Oh, and according to, the Dolphins have the 9th easiest schedule for WR’s in 2018. Cheap with very high upside. What more could you ask for in a sleeper?!  Don’t miss out!