Oregon CO2 Extraction Company Natural Roots Giving Back to Patients

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The legalization of cannabis in Oregon has been a huge success on many fronts. Fewer people are getting arrested and cited for marijuana, jobs are being created and new revenue has been generated for essential state programs. Unfortunately, patients have been harmed due to the rollout of regulations and restrictions that have been placed on medical growers, from decreasing the number of plants that can be cultivated to one community banning outdoor growing altogether.

It is imperative that the state institute a program that assists low-income patients access their medicine, but until then, it is extremely important that recreational businesses step up to help patients and that Oregon consumers support the businesses that care about those in need. Natural Roots has stepped up to provide free medicine to patients and is working with dispensaries to establish workable programs that help patients each month.

I helped Natural Roots with the OLCC licensing, but I would plug them even if I didn’t have any involvement with them. If you know of any Oregon cannabis businesses donating to patients, please leave a comment or message me on Facebook or Twitter and I would love to blog about them.

Natural Roots is a CO2 extraction company headquartered in Hillsboro that produces oil, vape cartridges, crumble, and will eventually produce a solventless rosin as well. The company has a variety of strains to choose from, including Blue City Diesel, Jack’s Grape, 9# Hammer, and Jager. Blue Dream, Sour Banana, and Super Sour OG will be available soon.

Farms that Natural Roots work with include Rogue River Family Farms, Decibel Farms, Frost Factory and Corner Creek Farms. You can find Natural Roots products in Portland at the Green Front and Cannabliss (actually at all 5 locations); and in Eugene now at Flower of Lyfe and the Greener Side by 4/20.

The Green Front is hosting the Natural Roots crew for a vendor pop-up on Friday, March 29th, from 2pm to 5pm. Swing on by so you can check out all of their products and have any questions that you may have answered.

While we continue to fight for a compassionate program that will assist low-income patients acquire the cannabis they need, let’s do all that we can to support the growers, processors, and dispensaries that keep patients in mind. Natural Roots is one company that is stepping up for those in need, let’s advocate with our hard-earned money to support patients that could use a helping hand.

You can hear 3/4 of the Let’s Hash It Out podcast crew vape some Natural Roots products at the beginning of their podcast:

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